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Powerboat. Wow ! Good choice !

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Motorboats are very popular. You do need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to legally operate one, but this program will provide with some of the basic knowledge that you will require to get your card. You will have a lot of fun and we will help show you how.

Here is how STARTboating works. It centers around the story about a family, who, just like you, have decided that boating is how they want to spend their time on the water. You will join them on their first open water trip and learn what they do to be safe and comfortable. Along the way, the story will pause and you will have the opportunity to learn more about what you are seeing.

Simply click on the links that you want more information on, and a video will provide it for you. You can check out one, some or all the information links. When you are finished return to the story.

You will learn a lot about boating here, and the more you know, the more fun it can be.

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